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Our Competitive Edge

Our Competitive Edge

Turning a dream into reality…….

Long Term Customer Relationship

Wood Connection enjoys a long-term, loyal, and trusted relationship with its customers and referral partners.

Our local presence has given us credibility that is unmatched, in the Central Valley and Bay Area of Northern California.

We maintain a higher more immediate level of service. Our companys customer service model has been based on long - standing relationships,

and that has created numerous contacts with in each organization. We are often asked to collaborate on the numerous job invitations that we receive. 

Highly Skilled & Experienced Team

Wood Connection Inc. Employs a highly trained and experienced workforce. The majority of the supervisory personnel and management staff have been with the company for many years.


Wood Connection's manufacturing facility allows us to accommodate the needs of clients in a timely manner. 


Wood Connection Inc. uses a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/CAE computer system, We can provide detailed estimates, original designs, and valued engineering by producing our own shop drawings. All are designed to offering strategic costs and optimize the production process.We have developed and marketed for years the Woodwork 5,our own complete woodshop computer software and manufacturing system through our subsidiary company KEYTRIX Data Systems.